Industries We Transform

Web 3.0 holds immense potential across domains and beyond just the regular hype. We specialize in applying core web3 technologies to various industries especially when we are in the same family as the creators of the Intelligent Industrial Web.

Banking, Insurance & Financial Services (BFSI)

Combined with artificial intelligence and other leading technologies, the web 3.0 can create efficiencies in the financial system and deliver a smarter user experience. There is a worldwide adoption of Web 3.0 technologies across multiple use cases. Big banks, Multinational Insurers, FinTech Startups and even recently incorporated companies are racing to gain a competitive edge. Web 3.0 can offer a variety of benefits including enhanced consumer relationships, secure transactions, radical product innovation, compliance implementation, and overall increased profitability.

Key Clients: JP Morgan, Societe Generale, Bertelsmann John Hancock, and more…


Real Estate & Infrastructure

The real estate in Web 3.0 is one of the hottest discussion and interaction points. It presents a unique opportunity for modularity and scalability in the real estate and infrastructure landscape. The paradigm shift will see more retail investors and consumers enter the market as liquidity increases with faster, more secure deals. In addition to smoother buying and selling transactions, there are other innovative models that can be pursued, such as an “Airbnb-like” model on the Blockchain and Metaverse Real Estate. The opportunities in the market are booming…

Key Clients: Emaar, BHP, GMR, QuickStay etc.

E-Commerce & Retail

Research suggests that Web 3.0  integration will be common in e-commerce/retail storefronts in three to five years. Customers will seamlessly buy products off of a Web store through smart, contract-enabled distributed applications (dApps) over the blockchain. These transactions being immutable, will lead to a reduction in product returns, chargeback fees, and credit card fraud. Additionally, the products will be cryptographically unique and secure, increasing trust between the merchant providing the product and its customers. Customers will look at these transactions no differently than any other transaction they conduct over the internet and we will see the mass adoption of the Web 3.0 by consumers for their retail purchase needs.

Key Clients: Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Lakme, Symphony and more…

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Web 3.0 breeds two critical ingredients missing in the old fashioned media: management of identity and money. A novel, decentralized mechanism guarantees trust in a system not controlled by a central entity. These ideas enable powerful new use cases like the ability to own digital assets, a native and frictionless way to combine payments with all types of information exchange, ownership and control of your personal data and ultimately, more choice in the tools used to interface with your world. In other words, more media interactivity. Being as widespread and dynamic as it is, Media & Entertainment industry can apply Web 3.0 across organizational and user engagement levels. The evolution will see a hybrid working model with more creator-focused services and personalized, transparent user interaction.

Key Clients: EA Games, Jio Glass, Multiple NFT Brands, etc.


Out of all industries, Healthcare could benefit most from these concepts of decentralization, community ownership, credible neutrality, digital transformation, and token incentives. Healthcare needs information and secure data infrastructure that puts the power back in the hands of people.

Knowing what we know, we have a duty to contribute to this future. We see Web 3.0 as a way to organize communities around significant opportunities in healthcare and to innovate in the commerce-care relationship. There are upcoming novel ways for groups to collaborate, share resources, and organize in virtual networks.

Key Clients: Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Forticraft International Group, and more…

Public Sector

Public Sector

Everything about the Web 3.0 is oriented towards the larger well-being of the society. There are no definitive boundaries to what we can achieve together a group. As policymakers globally navigate the sphere, there are some applications oriented towards the public sector.

Web 3.0 can revolutionize how Governments around the world function and deliver value to their electorate. We help these Governments and Public Officials in creating solutions for social change and nation-building.

Key Clients: Government of Uttar Pradesh, Israeli Municipal Corporation, CDSL, etc.

Other Businesses

Web 3.0 is the latest Internet technology that leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain to achieve real-world human communication. The icing on the cake is that web 3.0 not only allows individuals to own their data, but they will be compensated for their time spent on the web.

When you put these propositions together, the concepts, technologies and principles of Web 3.0 powered by Digital Equity apply to almost all types of organizations, for-profit or otherwise.

Key Clients: Deloitte, BCG, R3 Corda, United Airlines, Stanford University, Guiness World Recors, etc.


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