Our Services

Smart Contract & dApps

Cosdec Labs works with its clients to develop Smart Contracts (SC) and dApps of all types to ensure their blockchain operations are well-executed. We create dApps and SC on most leading platforms, blockchains, and technologies. Each application is also customized and crafted to the needs of the project and developed while adhering to the latest technology standards.

Digital Assets Design

NFTs, Semi-Fungible Tokens, and other Digital Assets serve as the backbone of a lot of activities in web3. We work with you to design, deploy, and manage these digital assets and ensure you reach your goals. Whether it is a new PFP project, a corporate loyalty program, a new marketing campaign or simply digital asset management, we got you covered end-to-end.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinize a smart contract’s code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency, NFT or blockchain. This process is carried out to discover errors, issues & security vulnerabilities in the code in order to rectify & fix them. It secures the code from potential future bugs. The integrity of your smart contracts is our responsibility!

Crypto & DeFi

Cryptocurrency development includes a host of sub-practices that can be deployed as per the requirements of the project. Cosdec Labs works in various areas as described below to shape stable and secure crypto deployments.

Token Development

Creation of New Cryptocurrencies or Tokens on the Blockchain.

Initial Token Offerings

ICO/IEO/STO offering design and deployment for launch of crypto tokens.

Wallet Development

Creation or Integration of Crypto wallets into existing platforms or for new platforms.

Exchanges & Marketplaces

Development & Maintenance of Crypto Exchanges, Defi Exchanges and NFT Marketplaces.

Trading Bots

Bots for Algorithmic Trading of Cryptocurrencies & NFT.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) Protocols

Strategy & Development of Defi Protocols

CBDC Development & Integration

Integration/Tier-2 Development of CBDCs.

DAOs & Community

DAOs are touted to be the future of organizational structure and they present a variety of use cases for multiple industries. We work with our clients to create, manage and scale DAOs. In addition to futuristic, case-driven DAOs we also help structure community economics and sub-structures for continuous management and scalability.


Cosdec Labs leads the development of Extended Reality platforms including the Metaverse and Virtual Worlds. The Metaverse brings a new frontier for consumer engagement and interactions in the digital space. The future of the internet is the Metaverse despite its current limitations.

3D Assets & AR/VR

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality have seen a lot of applications in the real world. Moreover, the opportunity is significant for large enterprises and startups alike. Having a 3D infrastructure is going to be critical to future consumer engagement. Cosdec Labs helps its clients develop AR/VR assets, Digital Twins and more intelligent 3D assets.

AI/ML Models & Algo

AI/ML technologies are going to be critical in the growth of all organizations in the future. Cosdec Labs helps its clients develop cutting-edge automation and AI/ML models to solve problems of the enterprise and scale innovation efforts. In addition, we aid in developing on the Industrial Intelligent Web with the power of AI/ML and Enterprise Intelligence.

web3 Marketing

We help our client shape their marketing efforts in the web3 arena – NFT marketing, Metaverse marketing, etc. Cosdec Labs works to strategyze and deploy marketing operations and teams for continuous growth and engagement.

Managed Resources

Our Managed Resource Services primarily rely on a staff augmentation model. When organizations seek outside help in completing important IT/web3 projects, they often consider two primary delivery models: managed resources and project outsourcing. Managed Resources is a type of outsourcing model that uses temporary resources to fill short-term job positions within your company. The biggest difference between the two is that with managed resources, you are investing in engineering resources while still maintaining control over your team. If you’re looking to expand your team or onboard experts for your next project, we got you covered with over 1,000 resources available. 

Implementation of Industrial Intelligent Web

Cosdec Labs is a development arm of Cosdec Alpha – the creators of the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW.)  We serve as the prime implementation specialists and integrators of Cosdec Alpha’s Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) – a stable, secure iteration of futuristic technologies for the enterprise. This provides Cosdec Labs significant exposure to the IIW. We work with our clients to create strategy for development and integration of IIW into their enterprise. More information can be made available on request.