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Why You Should Work With Cosdec Labs...

Why Work With Us!

The Company

Cosdec Labs is an Award-winning, Global Web 3.0 Development & Innovation Company and a part of the Cosdec Alpha Consulting Group. We specialize in driving growth through blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and many more futuristic technologies. Backed by Cosdec Alpha, we serve as the prime implementation specialists and integrators of Cosdec Alpha’s Industrial Intelligent Web (IIW) – a stable, secure iteration of futuristic technologies for the enterprise. Bringing a diverse range of expertise and access to over a thousand web3 developers, consultants and architects, we find ourselves in a sweet spot for not just serving our client’s needs today but also effectively innovating and scaling for the future. In other words, Cosdec Labs is your specialized factory for futuristic technologies.


Locations: 3 Offices in London, Mumbai, and New Jersey with 50+ serviceable areas.

The Company

The People

Cosdec Labs structures teams to suit your needs and brings great modularity and scalability to the project. A typical team for you looks like the diagram on the right.

Based on the structure outlined here, we ensure that every team is customized to your needs. Additionally, our experts come from diverse set of backgrounds and skill sets. If there is one thing we can assure you, it is that every person is fully committed to driving results for you.

  • Access to over 1,000 developers across the world.
  • Our teams have contributed to key web3 developments including the initial development of the World Leading Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Our people have created solutions for and worked with the best names in the industry and have led the adoption of web3.
  • The basic cumulative experience of a project is over 15 years which speaks volumes given the newness of the web 3.0 industry.

The Intellectual Property

Cosdec Labs, being a part of the Cosdec Alpha Group, has exposure to leading practices, information, cultural understanding and Cosdec Alpha’s Intellectual Properties.

The Industrial Intelligent Web

The Industrial Intelligent Web (IIW) is an iteration of futuristic technologies that promote a stable and secure deployment for the enterprise while ensuring modularity in functions and scalability of resources. It packages technologies that leverage a solution-driven approach to create scalable systems.

Our teams also have access to Cosdec Alpha’s Knowledge Deployment Handbook – A Practical Guide for Solutions & Innovations for the Enterprise. Additionally, a library of more than a million pages helps us brainstorm and innovate the best solutions. Furthermore, we maintain and also leverage a data repository of 100Bn+ data points and the Core AI of Captheon.

The IP

The Experience

Cosdec Labs has been in the industry long enough to understand the rules of the game and moreover be able to deliver value for the best of the world. The people who have trusted us and seen value in us have been our clients with long-standing relationships. Some of our clients include:

JP Morgan
United Airlines
Societe Generale
Johnson & Johnson
Stanford University
r3 Corda

The Recognition

With ground-breaking work comes ground-breaking recognition. We have been fortunate enough to be awarded for our works and standing in an exceedingly crowded world. Here are some of our achievements.

The Process

Our Process is hand-crafted by strategists that have worked at the top-most tiers in the consulting world making it one of the most revered, scalable, flexible and extremely detail-oriented processes in the industry. While it is extremely difficult to detail it here, we list the macro parts of the journey.

We work to determine your true needs and the scope of work for the project.

Our teams extend your needs and organizational details to create a preliminary strategy for the project & its tasks.

Our teams craft out focused strategies for individuals aspects of the project and begin execution.

Projects are actively managed with timely client feedback and improvement loops to ultimately deliver key outcomes.

The Process

The Commitment

"Cosdec Labs has always been at the forefront of technological implementation for its clients. I believe when it comes to future tech and development capacity - we just join in as a knight in shining armour. And that speaks of our commitment to the future of this world and the place of our clients in it"
Rex Pereira
Mr. Rex Pereira
Senior Partner

This page in itself covers a variety of reasons why someone should choose us over some of our peers. We trace our origins from a larger group of company yet operate independently. We bring incredible team and knowledge to the table. We have considerable experience and our also well-recognized and awarded for our work. However, more than anything, if somebody asks us “Why Cosdec Labs?” then our answer will be simple – We share an unwavering commitment to helping our clients succeed and we operate with the integrity it takes to deliver world-class value. Our commitment to your growth is and always will be our main Value Proposition.


Let's Get Started

We’re sure you see the value that Cosdec Labs brings to the table and bearing that in mind, you must’ve understood why we’ve been leading efforts in web 3.0 development and innovation. If you think this isn’t enough, perhaps working with us will change your mind and that we’re absolutely sure of! That said, how about you pick up the phone or log on to your email and tell us what we can do for you. We’re more committed than ever to delivering value at scale for you, your organization and your communities.